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Surrender - WISDOM OF THE WOMB 5Rhythms® workshops for women,

3rd May'20, Online on Zoom


“See what moves you, and what's calling you home, for rest, solace, release….”

How can we trust the energy moving through us, in any form or shape? How can we heal our wounded feet,trust the passion that is trying to shape our hearts - the excitement that is waiting to bloom though our veins - surrendering to the tenderness that softens our spirits and lets us be?

In the rhythm of Chaos we are letting go of the stories that make us, over and over again, sick, angry and fearful, so we can respond to the world with our full aliveness. Here we are invited to keep surrendering to our feet, our hips, our feelings, our limitations, our lives - to build a strong foundation in our bodies, so we can let go what doesn't serve us anymore and blossom freely, becoming renewed.
I spent so many years wondering what was wrong with me. And it is through the dance and years of personal exploration of my relationship to my body, I am reminded that I don't have to be anything other than myself, that I am enough. I passionately believe in the healing power of women coming together with collaboration rather than competition in mind. My intention is to bring women together to step into their power so we can heal ourselves and the world together, with grace, forgiveness, compassion and with fierce feminine power
Letting go is big part of life and being a woman. Whether you still menstruate or not it is part of our nature. Our circle teaches us about the primal skill of cycles. Over and over again, we pull back, we hold on, we crumple, we resist... we let go... During this workshop we are going to use the map of 5Rhythms® to explore and embrace the deep wisdom that comes within it, while tapping into the feeling of surrender.

This workshop is an invitation to come home to your body. To find self-love and ease in your body. From this place, the powerful flow of our life awakens.


***All workshops hours count towards the training path prerequisites for 5Rhythms certification. For more information contact Kat***

WHAT OTHER WOMEN SAY!testimonials/c1n9

Sunday 3rd May'20 at 11am - 6pm


Contact Kat

Mobile: 07886935716
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