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Being Still and doing Nothing are totally different. Stillness moves, both within and all around us. The dance is our vehicle, our destination is the Rhythm of Stillness; our challenge is to be a vessel that keeps moving and changing. Physically, in the dance of Stillness, we move in slow motion—like highly unpredictable meditative Tai Chi masters. Shapes from the past, the present and the future come through us—shapes of the Feminine and the Masculine and the magic dance they do together.


Moving in Stillness and being still in motion fuses the accumulation of our bodies’ life experiences into our true wisdom. Eventually we dissolve into sitting meditation, where all the other Rhythms of our journey converge in the vital resonance of Stillness.Each time we dance into Stillness, we practice the art of making humble and mindful endings interpreted by our higher connected self.


This carries through to all of our endings in life—the end of this dance, this day, this relationship, or this life cycle. Good endings mean taking responsibility for the whole journey, distilling wisdom from our experience so that we may begin the next wave or cycle clean and not carrying the past with us.

"Awakened fear is the source of our intuition.

Awakened anger establishes healthy boundaries.

Awakened desire is The Creative Impulse flowing through us.

Awakened shame is liberated humility.

Awakened grief teaches us how to mourn and therefore how to live.

Awakened sadness is utter release.

Awakened guilt is proper remorse and contrition." - Dierkes

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