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AbunDanceWISDOM OF THE WOMB 5Rhythms® for women workshop

17th July  2016 - London


The womb is the seat of power in a woman's body, the gateway to her own deep knowing... How connected are you to your womb? Do you live and dance with an awareness of its intelligence? This group is an invitation to come home to your body. To find self-love and ease in your body. From this place, the powerful flow of our life awakens. Together we will dance, using the map of the 5Rhythms ® (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness) to ground ourselves in our bodies and to connect with our wombs. We will use this knowledge to heal and experience a new feeling of power and possibility.


During Abundance Wisdom Of The Womb 5Rhythms ® workshop we will be practicing how to slow down and to be where we are, exploring e how to tolerate the intense energy that comes with feeling relaxed and powerful. We will practice forms that allow the our weight to settle and spirit to rise, reminding ourselves to enjoy and relish our fullness. Stop for a while and appreciate where we are. Enjoy the experience instead of always hurrying to the next thing. It is an invitation to join our one of summer open workshop. We will meet to celebrate our fullness of expression in all shapes and forms. Slim or voluptuous, slow or fast, tender or edgy, in love or out of love. We will dance and share the abundance that springs when we are in connection with our womb, lead by our heart and contained by the boundary of our body.


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