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"I love how you and Piero work together. His music is such a subtle and effective addition to your choice of music... During the dance there was one moment I became very emotional. Not sure what the underlying reasons were but I definitely shed something. Credit to you!... attending the workshop has boosted my energy levels... Oh yes, I am up for it again! "



"Like I said on our last sharing, it is incredible what we can create in a few days. 13, people from almost as many nations coming so close to each other, sharing feelings, tears, sweat, laughter, personal stories out of which springs so much love! Much of this thanks to Kat´s commitment and knowledge in what she is doing, her wonderful music, what a DJ! And she was pushing and pushing until my body screamed and then suddenly I was up dancing some wild dance again to new rhythms. And there was Piero backing Kat up, with wonderful drumming, sounds and presence. And with Taras patience and loving willingness to organize and help with everything, I really felt at ease and had so little to worry about, just dance and enjoy.' -Friderik

"As before Kat and Piero made magic on this island… we dived so deep in these 6 days, supported by Piero’s live music, Kat’s choice of tunes and her expert guidance. We covered a huge amount of ground in this time, and this surprisingly close-knit group was the perfect crucible for learning about Trust. Looking forward to the next instalment." ~ Paul

I read a line recently that said that the word honey isn't the honey need to taste the honey to know it. As much as I can point and tell you about my experience - for you to truly feel it you need to come and experience the absolute sweetness of such a workshop. For me this workshop in Ikaria is the experience of honey... the sweetness of which can be felt long after the workshop concluded.

Ikaria itself is such a magical island with its own Rhythm that holds and nourishes one with the magnificence of the the waves of the sea, sunrises so artistic it wakes one up naturally, forest with such crisp air, beaches that embrace embodying 'siga siga', delicious food and generous hearted locals. I loved the warmth of this island - and found great nourishment in it as we all embarked on the journey layer upon layer of this heartbeat workshop.

Kat is an incredibly gifted teacher, facilitator and holder for such a journey. She is someone who encourages being real, that every part of ourselves is welcomed and there to be embraced and keep the dance honest with ourselves. Her music and style is powerful to experience deep dances. She teaches how to embrace it all, encourages looking for a way into the movement and keep moving through whatever comes up - because the body naturally knows what to do with it. Feet, feet, feet...yes, yes yes :)

Piero and Kat have such a beautiful complimentary style that brings a depth to the music and energy to the space that can truly be felt from within. Its a joy to experience and witness how they co-create the space for us to be danced and the light they bring." ~ Linda

"There is such a sublime energy when women come together to dance, see each other, witness one another and support each other through being truly ourselves. And as we witness each other being ourselves its like you can feel layers shed. The energy the emotions it can all be felt deeply and is echoed in the dance. Kat is magic! She teaches us not to fix the emotion or each other in the dance but to support and embrace the dance within that is asking to be danced. Its through this workshop that I understood what gift all emotions are - and not just the 'positive' ones I may favour - that all of it matters and is a gift if I allow it to show me the magic of its message behind the pattern/conditioning. A weekend workshop and yet we get in so deep very quickly - what a beautiful experience. Thank you Kat and all the lovely ladies. " ~ Linda

“ Words don’t have it to depict the magic that one goes through at Kat’s workshop. Through dance and movement, one ends up tricking one’s body...and entering into the most peculiar, painful and well hidden places. Only to find out, these places has been waiting for you for your whole life, and you get greeted with so much love and honesty. You fall back in love with yourself and the world again.” ~Villy

"Kat is an incredible teacher, she really honours the essence of 5 rhythms and holds a very sacred, inclusive and loving space. She has a very gentle and loving approach that yields very powerful and transformative results." - Athena

"Kat has a very clear and insightful way to lead and teach. I found the rhythm she chose between dancing, guiding us, sitting us down, checking in with us, asking us to check in with another dancer, and instructing us on the theory/knowledge of the practice, to be ideal and well suited to the group. I felt very safe with her and the group to weave my dance in a profound groove, touching to the heart of where I am at. I came away in quite a different place to how I arrived, and I don't just mean I was tired. It was therapeutic, and now I was ready for a gentle time of self care. It's not that I was vulnerable; I had my wits about me, but I was clearer on my needs and I wanted to stay in the special space the dance had opened up for me. I wanted to fully absorb it and its wisdom. I was grateful for this enhanced experience of connection with myself and others at a time when it was very right for me.

Many thanks"


'Thank you so much Kat.

I am still drinking in the wonder of yesterday’s dance. 

You create a warm and loving sacred space to keep us safe in.

Your passion for what you do is magical and empowers your leadership of the group.

The beautiful group were ladies that I had never met before but there was an amazing energy connecting us all.

I still feel the love.

Look forward to doing more with you. ' -  Lesley. 

'I feel so deeply moved, grateful and inspired by the expression and metamorphoses I witnessed during the weekend as well as the awareness, release and healing I received from my own journey that I want to honour your teaching from the heart with clarity, intuitive wisdom and empathy.  You held us within a beautiful, fluid, loving cocoon which gifted so much awareness, compassion and healing, thank you.' Lucy




'Good Day Kat!

Thank you again for holding our sacred space so gently, compassionately, lovingly and full of grace! How empowering it was to be and dance amongst all of the strong, courageous and beautiful woman yesterday!

My body is soar but I feel alive and I am reminded of my body’s need for movement.

Thank you again!'

- Christina Hughes.




"Kat is a very intuitive, practiced and deep listener.

She mindfully creates a beautiful, inviting and healing safe space allowing for the masks of pretense and protection to dissolve opening the gateways to self-discovery ,

to one’s limitless, boundless and radiant self.

She embodies the Divine Feminine empowering the dancers to recognize their own divinity, magic and power.

She conducts and leads her workshops from the heart, guiding and facilitating each moment generously, compassionately and gracefully.

Whether you are a practiced dancer or just curious to gently dip into the many landscapes of yourself I highly recommend Kats work as the springboard for this opportunity and exploration."

- J.



'Dearest Kat,

Having attended the last 3 - there has been no shadow of doubt that I want IN with this work, with these women and with you. It really is something else - very important and very therapeutic for me. And it has really helped me through these past few months, to emerge stronger again. I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank you so much for everything you put into running this work and enabling it for all who attend. I am feeling very excited about it.

With much love and a dear heart.'

- Miriam H. xx




"so...this was just SUCH a wonderful day! I want to say thank you to all of you, both individually and collectively. To dance with you, to open and receive was empowering, relieving, scary, exciting, difficult, freeing, satisfying, warm, edgy, tender and ultimately fulfilling in so many ways. It was sumptuous. Thank you for all your strength, for holding the space in which I could be vulnerable and soft. Kat thank you for your LOVE. There is no other way to put it, your presence both silent and communicated through your words was so rich and selfless and gentle. Thank you Elizabeth and Katya - JOY! and everyone else. Such a beautiful sequence of rhythms to have lived, I am honored to have been part. Have gorgeous days, weeks, months, years, you are beautiful!"

- Telitha




"Participating soft focus, leading by you, made me realise how defensive I was towards the world and equal to me human organisms. Gradually I have been able to get in touch with my inner self, hidden spheres of my emotionalism, that I could embody through physical movement. The outcome was profound. I have deeply engaged into connection and cooperativeness with rest of participants, who gave me the privileged to become a part of their experience. What an amazing individuals they are! I have never felt more congruent, organic and open towards people before, emphasise their suffering and joy and offer them my suffering and my joy. I was an integrated part of the environment. The realness was dripping like a sweat from my skin. I was dancing with my demons and dancing with my angels. Guided by your gentle voice I traveled through five rhythms towards stillness And recaptured completeness on the end, leaving my SOFT YES to all, my appreciation and my thankfulness. Thank you Kat for making me feel alive again."

- M.




'Dear Kat, I just want to say a big, big thank you for giving me chance to join the group for this wonderfull therapy. As you know i lost my job and i cut my living expenses to minimum. The free therapy was like a gift from the angel for me. It not only gives me more knowledge about my life, my relatonship with my partner, son etc but most important it helps me survive these 2 months without job. I was going very depressed and I was feeling that I will just crash and never get up. The therapy help me through this difficult time, giving me strength and hope. Also showed me
how precious is each moment of our life. How each is important, and that there is a place and time for everything, and it’s ok to be angry, it’s ok to do nothing.... Thank you again for “rescuing” me'

- Anna W

 'Teaching -
Kat, thinking about what to write in this section has made me a little bit emotional. A young women slowly coming into her own, this experience has truly been a transformational one for me and my heart goes out to you. I’ve felt inspired. You hold the space so effortlessly, making us feel safe and supported to do our work, express ourselves without worry of cracking and losing control. I had a moment during the workshop of realisation that my calling is to heal, too. And I can only hope that I will be able to do it with half as much grace and understanding as you have done. Thank you. I really hope to be able to join some of your London classes/workshops soon.
Also, your music choice was exceptional. It’s like you were in my heart feeling my rhythm. How!?!
Thank you doesn’t seem enough. But really, thank you.

Personal Experience:
Otherworldly, Transformational, Life-changing, So Touching, Heart Warming, Utterly Beautiful.
How lucky to have been able to be part of something so amazing. I felt so safe to express myself (physically but also verbally during the sharing sections) and to be the rawest form of me, supported by this amazing container full of caring, loving and open hearted individuals. I felt at home in myself and so connected to my heart and body, something that can often be difficult in this fast pace and material world we are living in. Looking out onto the mediterranean, listening to Kat’s amazing mixes and dancing my absolute heart out, I felt free, liberated, strong and like I could achieve anything in the world. An experience I will never forget, and keep in my heart forever.

Something else that really touched me during this workshop is how when people share a common passion, age, race, gender, does not even come into consideration. The youngest in the group by 10 years, I never felt out of place, belittled or naive. In fact I felt strong, powerful, womanly and part of something so true. My relationship with Fred, exactly 50 years my senior really warmed my heart. Two generations between us, we danced as if we had lived the same life, and confided in each other as though we were friends of the same time. He made me feel wiser and courageous, bringing me down to earth when I spoke about my worries. And he shared with me, that when we danced together I brought out the youth in him. So grateful to have had the opportunity of being brought together. ' ~ Magali

'The retreat definitely has been a grounding journey through humans emotions, recognising the emotion going into it and coming out of it a great practice for life. After caos day and sadness work I could really feel more truly the expression of my joy without faking or pushing for it. Great strong grounded gentle life changing experience. Thank you so much Katarzyna Kat Pugowska for putting your soul into it. Loads of ️ love.

' ~Irene

'This experience was probably one of the best of my life. I literally thought I had gone to heaven and that I've been born again. I feel so blessed that I have met a "new family" or our "Tribe" as we prefer to call it. I had never even danced before I attended this workshop and it just felt like second nature to me. This would not have been possible without the wonderful Kat and her special team who held the Space so well and made us all feel safe to express ourselves in our own way without judgement.' ~ Barbara

'What an amazing journey of the heart opening this was!
Tara helped us become grounded on the island and Katarzyna and Piero supported our hearts while expanding so we could keep on flying but not get burned and thrown down like Icarus did. I touched upon a kind of peace, transmuting my emotions though complete intimacy, allowing them to happen and have more space as I was experiencing them. Being a lot more into my heart and more at home. The group energy was supporting and challenging at the same time, as if we were inviting each other to grow (and glow!) in a very safe space we created together. I am all tears with gratitude'


"Kat and Piero - together, make the perfect duo for holding a safe and a loving space. I had such unexpected shedding with the most subtle of energies present in the space they held.
Feeling deeply humbled and full of Gratitude for these Gifts that give us access and glimpses into Life's most delicious nectars.
Thank you Kat for your Presence and service that you offer with such love."





"Dance when you're broken open.

Dance when you've torn the bandage off.

Dance in the middle of fighting.

Dance in your blood.

Dance when you're perfectly free."



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