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2nd April'16


As I am preparing for the next module of the Wisdom of The Womb closed group, I am reminded about the responsibility of holding the space for others, that can be seen as a curse or a blessing. That’s where I find the 5Rhythms practice not only therapeutic and meditative, but also shamanic. Over and over again it asks the teacher to walk the talk, without exceptions.

Tomorrow with support of my assistants Morag & Katya, (thank you ladies for having my back on this) I will be holding thirty women exploring a theme of Empowerment and Reclamation. I have been stretched to all my edges recently and humbled, asked to truly embody my steps. I am reminded that real power is not a mind trip or trick but an embodiment of our vulnerabilities and expression of our authenticity. Often power is associated with the masculine principle. I have been long asking myself what it is to be powerful as a woman. In all that I am reminded about the circular, ever changing nature of femininity, in contrast to the masculine linear expression, and of the innate relationship of woman to darkness, death and rebirth, and therefore the deep intuitive wisdom that has been feared and distorted by both men and women throughout history. The powerful sexual and destructive energies experienced by women in our menstrual cycle, are the most creative forces in the world.


Hecate, a Greek goddess of the Dark Moon, was a queen of witches and goddess of death. As the dark aspect of the moon, she was the patroness of divination, dreams and magic and was the force which arose out of inner darkness to bring visions, compulsions, ecstatic inspiration and destructive madness. As a queen of the death she held the torch of regeneration and rebirth, and for all that was known for a tender heart. As personally I was thrown into this journey in my early teens when diagnosed with POC, completely without external guidance, blindly I was making my footsteps of reclamation of both my natural menstrual cycle and the essence of my femininity that have been longing to be embodied. Breaking though pattern of keeping small based on fear of being too much/not enough (imprinted in many of us) and act of embracing our imperfections seems to be a life long practice.


Who would I be if I didn't believe there was something wrong with me? With every minute of my life I feel humbler in front of the powerful force and power that we were given just for the fact of being women. I am not a feminist. I love men more than ever in all shapes and forms. We need you men. I just wonder what would happen if we all practice cherishing the differences and gifts that come from both genders. Saying that, personally I do see life itself and the earth as feminine in nature and full heartedly believe that for humans to survive as spices we need to learn to listen, embrace and respect to the whole (incl, the dark side and wildness).


And to complete, I am reminded about the mantra given to me by Jonathan A Horan before applying for the 5R Teacher Training quite a few years ago: 'stand tall behind your vulnerabilities, Kat'. That was a real gift, from man to woman, that is still supporting me in my most vulnerable times. Thx Jonny, again.


With gratitude to Lucia Quenya for ever loving my imperfections.






3rd April'16


We did it! Thoroughly.

I am sitting here plumb tuckered out with cup of tea, ease in my chest and echo of tears of unspeakable joy and containment in my eyes. When exploring themes like power and reclamation there is always a danger of faking it. I was compelled to drop any plans I had, and to surrender, listen to what was arising in a moment and follow my instinct. What I witnessed today was beyond mind blowing. Through the territories of shadow, looking in to the eyes of chest constricting shame, abuse and self abuse on individual and collective level, beyond the dynamic of victim/lasher (power strategies) , dropping the masks and pretentious look of keeping it all together, we tapped in to the heart cracking open vulnerability from where the all including, life enhancing power of femininity blossomed. In variety of shapes and forms, changeable, unpredictable, most of the time shy, at the pick rebellious against any boxes or restriction, sparky.. and always courageous.

The bravery that was given to me to see broke me wide open. Thirty women sharing generously their most vulnerable parts and claiming their place and power, not as ownership but an act offering. They took a risk to be seen and supported in the ritual theater and tapped in to the groove of tribal work with so much grace, beat and joy that nearly lifted the roof. I had shivering passing my spine when I witnessed how they searched for the authenticity in their bodies, then, shyly at first, claimed it full heatedly and let the fire of passion land right in their feet and belly. I am reminded how much we need each other and the tremendously healing quality of being seen. And as we distinguished the powerful force of femininity we also acknowledged the shadow and light of masculine, calling for the meeting point in us all that is an act of art itself. I am left with so much respect to every single women that dared to show up. Thank you ladies! The power point is in a present moment indeed. Life long process to be embraced.

Gratitude to Morag Donnelly & Katya Verbrugghe for having my back on it. How did we say it, every powerful woman has a line of women behind her? Big bow to you both for your commitment, love and wisdom. Also hat down to Anna Wisniewska for art installation and Emma Stewart house keeping job and attached picture on the right.


To be continued in May.

Words that suppourted us on this : mudra of courage

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