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Humanistic Astrology utilizes all the traditional methods of astrology as well as it incorporates the concept of humanistic psychology as a fundamental part in the interpretation of the astrological natal chart.

Humanistic Astrology is not a crystal ball. It cannot see into the future and predict what is in store for you. Ultimately, the future lies in your hands as you exercise your free will. It can however, assist you in understanding and give a you a greater insight into the influences that contribute to your overall character and tendencies.

This then, gives the individual a more complete or Holistic understanding that they are indeed, more then meets the eye.

A more thorough understanding of your natural strengths, weaknesses and inclinations, can be a significant indicator of where best to focus your energies to achieve the greatest benefits in life.

We are all in fact a Triad, Body, Mind and Spirit. Oftentimes one part of this triad is out of harmony. Life truly is a continuous effort to attain that all important balance of the life force energies.

The planets, the critical degrees of the planets, the Fixed Stars then, can all play a key role in what we are as individuals, and to what lifetime vibrations one resonates, at the moment of birth and throughout the life.

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