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Introduction to Life Drawing
workshop with Piero Pierini  

12th August '17  London



During the workshop you will learn how to observe a human body in the moment, and its surroundings . You’ll be invited to focus on its relationship with the space - and also the lighting, proportion and anatomy. You don't need any previous experience or an artistic background. The invitation is to explore and learn new skills of looking into the environment, developing the possibility of capturing it in graphic form - in a joyful and relaxed settings - no pressure.

So come down, bring your willingness to experiment, and play, and the art will come from within - who knows what you will create!

All art materials are provided. The workshop is for beginners and intermediate participants.

12th August '17 at 6.30-9.30pm


Booking contact: Kat

0044 7886935716

Piero Pierini – Argentinian artist, studied art at the University of Buenos Aires, (BA hon in Fine Art and Drawing) , has been working as a professional illustrator in UK for the last fifteen years and has been involved in working with different art charity projects. He is passionate about helping individuals to find they way of expressing their own artistic 'voice'. He has a rather strong sense of humour and an easy way of being.


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