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Children at BareSouls 5Rhythms®

with Kat


Dear Parent


The space is child friendly. You are welcome to bring your little (and less little ) ones to the dance, at your own responsibility. This is a shared space and everyone is equally welcome. Following Gabrielle Roth’s words, as on the dance floor as in life - if you choose to bring your youngsters, I encourage it as an extension of the practice itself. Please make sure they stay safe all way through the class and be aware of their relationship with other dancers and the space (staccato is a teacher of boundaries, use it). If you need any more advice in how to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact me directly before or after the class by email or phone call.


The investment :

Age 0 to 5 y.o. – free entry

5 to 12 y.o. – £10

older then 12 y.o - regular price.




Contact Kat


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