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Waves+Heartbeat level - 2018

A series of 5Rhythms® workshops for women


The womb is the seat of power in a woman's body, the gateway to her own deep knowing...

How connected are you to your womb?
Do you live and dance with an awareness of its intelligence?

I spent so many years wondering what was wrong with me. And it is through the dance and years of personal exploration of my relationship to my body, I keep being reminded that I don't have to be anything other than myself, that I am enough. I passionately believe in the healing power of women coming together with collaboration rather than competition in mind. My intention is to bring women together to step into their power so we can heal ourselves and the world together, with grace, forgiveness, compassion and with fierce feminine power.

This series is an invitation to come home to your body. To find self-love and ease in your body. Together we will dance, using the map of the 5Rhythms® to ground ourselves in our bodies and to connect with our wombs. We will use this knowledge to heal and experience a new feeling of power and possibility. The closed group consists of five one day 5Rhythms® workshops, Waves level, and one full weekend of Heartbeat™ level practice. It is for the dancers that are looking for a caring embrace of depth, nourishment, inspiration and growth that naturally emerges when a group of women get together over an extended period of time. Each time we meet, we will focus on one of the 5Rhythms in detail ~ offering ourselves again and again to the practice of the dance, and opening to the gifts and teachings it contains for our lives. During the weekend Heartbeat™ workshop we will sink deeper into the rhythms of our body and heart, and explore our feelings at this level. We will be reconnecting with the primal wisdom of the Five Emotions: the Fear that protects us, the Anger that defends us, the Sadness that releases us, the Joy that uplifts us and the Compassion that unites us.


You can join all workshops and treat it as an on going group or book any chosen ones.

~This workshops counts towards future 5Rhythms® training as two and half days of Heartbeat level and 5 days of Waves level teaching.~

25th March, -  Empowerment & Reclamation
20th May- Surrender
1nd July - Tribal Heart
22-23th September- Instinctual Heart- Heartbeat level workshop
11th November  - Trust


contact Kat

0044 7886935716


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