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- a waves & Heartbeat level 5Rhythms®

retreat in Greece

4th to 9th September 2022

'Stepping into the fire of our emotions, brings up our true power.'


The body has an innate and powerful ability to renew, rebuild, heal and rejuvenate the immune system and on a cellular and emotional level. In pandemic times, emotions may not come in a gentle blend of qualities, but rather in terrifying surges. We need tools to process and update our systems and connect to our passion and aliveness again. The courage is the measure of our heartfelt participation with life, with another, with a community, a present moment and the future.

It takes courage to let our feelings flow without over favouring and fantasising about them. It takes courage to remain open hearted in the face of pain or grief and open to the other when there is fear and anger, or in the midst of conflict and to hear the other’s needs and desires. It takes courage to let our vulnerabilities show and ultimately to love. It takes courage to live full-heartedly.

We will use the 5Rhythms® to sink deeper into our bodies and hearts on the beautiful, rejuvenating island of Ikaria.


We will spend the first three days grounding ourselves in the body and the Waves level. We will use the body parts as gateways into each of the 5Rhythms (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness) and invite awareness of our sensations, temperature, weight and pulsing of our bodies.

This exploration of physical embodiment prepares us for the rest of the retreat where we will explore the emotions of the Heartbeat™ map: Fear that protects, Anger that defends, Sadness that releases, Joy that uplifts and Compassion that unites us.

+++ We will be supported and assisted throughout by Piero with his live drumming and creative use of other instruments to enhance our exploration.

This Workshop is open to all, though we strongly recommend you attend at least one 5Rhythms class before you join us.

+++ The retreat counts towards future 5Rhythms trainings (3 days Waves, 3 days Heartbeat).

There will be plenty of free time to enjoy the wonderful holistic beach resort. You can arrive early and stay longer, we recommend spending a few days in this Blue Zone, exceptional Island, you won't regret it!

When: 04 September - 9 September 2022 (5 night, 6-day workshop)

Where: Cavos Bay Hotel, Armenistis, Ikaria


Contact Name: Anoushka

0044 7917582659 (whatsapp available)

+++ INCLUDES: half-board single rooms (lower priced shared room optionally available), locally sourced organic deliciously tasty and appealing vegetarian food by our befriended favorite local chef Stamatia.

***Early bird discount rate till May 30th 2022


+++ We support local business, all facilities and food will be provided by the local Ikarian community

+++ Covid_19 measures apply.


"I read a line recently that said that the word honey isn't the honey need to taste the honey to know it. As much as I can point and tell you about my experience - for you to truly feel it you need to come and experience the absolute sweetness of such a workshop. For me, this workshop in Ikaria is the experience of honey... the sweetness of which can be felt long after the workshop concluded.” ~ Linda





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