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Polarities of the Heart

- a Heartbeat level 5Rhythms®

retreat in Greece

1st to 6th September 2016


Human life is a constant dance between polarities let’s call it a passionate romance, between extremes. Each of us embodies a unique fusion of those energies that resonates with our essential nature. In the core of dance we find the relational and co-transformative nature of human growth. It is our experience of all polarities that gives birth to the essential lesson called life.


During six days of retreat on the beautiful, rejuvenating island of IKARIA we will use the map of 5Rhythms5Rhythms® to explore and play with polarities of our heart. We will rest in each Rhythm and let ourselves be nourished by each so it naturally speaks through our own physical bodies, taking us to its essence, all the while enjoying the yumminess of the Greek land. We will spend first few days grounding ourselves at Waves level, as preparation to explore the five essential feelings in Heartbeat practice. We will be inviting an awareness of our sensations, our body temperature, streamings, weight, and pulsing of our body. When we become embodied in this way we will be in position to draw from the intuition, power, and insights that the body has to offer and to open up to the primal wisdom of the Five Emotions: the Fear that protects us, the Anger that defends us, the Sadness that releases us, the Joy that uplifts us and the Compassion that unites us. We will learn how to trust the flow and the beat of our hearts with all its polarities.


This Retreat is open to everyone, though we strongly recommend that you attend at least one weekly class beforehand . This workshop counts towards future 5Rhythms® trainings as 3 days of Heartbeat level and three days of Waves level teaching. There will be plenty of free time to enjoy the wonderful holistic beach resort. You can arrive early and stay longer. Assisting team: Katya Verbrugghe

 (5 night, 6 day workshop)

Where: The Egg centre

Prerequisites: 6 hours of waves level 5Rhythms® class


Contact Name: Catherine Bessin

+44 7904 1040 93





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