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- 5Rhythms® Heartbeat workshop with Kat

Warsaw Poland

25-27th November  2016



"Awakened fear is the source of our intuition. Awakened anger establishes healthy boundaries. Awakened desire is The Creative Impulse flowing through us. Awakened shame is liberated humility. Awakened grief teaches us how to mourn and therefore how to live. Awakened sadness is utter release. Awakened guilt is proper remorse and contrition."

- C. Dierkes


During the workshop we will sink deeper into the rhythms of our body and heart. We will spend a quality time grounding ourselves at Waves level, as preparation to explore the five essential feelings in Heartbeat practice.  We will be inviting an awareness of our sensations, our body temperature, streamings, weight, and pulsing of our body. When we become embodied in this way we will be in position to tap in to an innate and natural responses to the environment by drawing from the intuition, power, and insights that the body has to offer. We will be reconnecting with the primal wisdom of the Five Emotions: the Fear that protects us, the Anger that defends us, the Sadness that releases us, the Joy that uplifts us and the Compassion that unites us.
You will be invited to practice how to trust the flow and the beat of your heart.


This workshop counts towards future 5Rhythms® trainings as 2 days of Heartbeat Level.


PREREQUISITES: Minimum 15 hours of Waves classes required or 1 weekend workshop.


Booking: Elzbieta Dabrowska at

Beata Szadkowska 0048 605 880 815







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