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Open Heart- Heartbeat level 5Rhythms® workshop,  Ikaria Greece

8th to 13th September 2024

When do you open and close your heart? Can you open your heart to the other when there is fear and anger? Can you open your heart in the midst of conflict and hear the other’s needs and desires?

Every day, we have opportunities to open up and s
hut down. How much can you open and let your feelings flow without over thinking, acting them out or favouring and fantasising about them?


We will use the 5Rhythms® to sink deeper into our bodies and hearts on the beautiful, rejuvenating island of Ikaria.

During the workshop we will be practicing allowing the fear and anxiety to dissolve and to move into a place of openness. Opening to the possibility that we will be able to see, understand and define our experiences as they unfold in the present.

We will use the 5Rhythms® to sink deeper into our bodies and hearts on the beautiful, rejuvenating island of Ikaria. We will spend the first three days grounding ourselves in the body and the Waves level. We will use the body parts as gateways into each of the 5Rhythms (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness) and invite awareness of our sensations, temperature, weight and pulsing of our bodies. Centering ourselves instead of floating away in our fantasies or being devoured by our thoughts.

This exploration of physical embodiment prepares us for the rest of the retreat where we will explore the emotions of the Heartbeat™ map: Fear that protects, Anger that defends, Sadness that releases, Joy that uplifts and Compassion that unites us.

We will be supported and nurtured by the wild, unspoiled nature of Ikaria.

Arrive early and stay longer to enjoy all that the island has to offer and tune in to the relaxed, flowing rhythm of life.

+++ We will be supported and assisted throughout by Piero with his live drumming and creative use of other instruments to enhance our exploration.

This Workshop is open to all, though we strongly recommend you attend at least one 5Rhythms class before you join us.

+++ The retreat counts towards future 5Rhythms trainings (3 days Waves, 3 days Heartbeat).

There will be plenty of free time to enjoy the wonderful holistic beach resort. You can arrive early and stay longer, we recommend spending a few days in this Blue Zone, exceptional Island, you won't regret it.


The retreat counts towards future 5Rhythms trainings ( 3 days Heartbeat)

Where: Cavos Bay Hotel, Armenistis, Ikaria

+++ INCLUDES: six day workshop, half-board single rooms (lower priced shared room optionally available), locally sourced organic deliciously tasty and appealing vegetarian food by our befriended favorite local chef Stamatia.

+++ We support local business, all facilities and food will be provided by the local Ikarian community

+++Assisting team: Piero Pierini with live music

Contact: Rachel


"Kat is an incredibly gifted teacher, facilitator and holder for such a journey. She is someone who encourages being real, that every part of ourselves is welcomed and there to be embraced and keep the dance honest with ourselves. Her music and style is powerful to experience deep dances. She teaches how to embrace it all, encourages looking for a way into the movement and keep moving through whatever comes up - because the body naturally knows what to do with it. Feet, feet, feet...yes, yes yes :)

Piero and Kat have such a beautiful complimentary style that brings a depth to the music and energy to the space that can truly be felt from within. Its a joy to experience and witness how they co-create the space for us to be danced and the light they bring.

And of course everything that took place behind the scenes with Tara organising accommodation, travels, the space and all questions was just seamless and felt welcoming from first email to saying farewell in person.

I adored this workshop on so many level. Thank you for the gift of this experience - truly magical experience with all the lovely souls that came to the workshop. I felt supported, expressed, connected to myself, others and nature. By the end of the workshop I left feeling with such a fullness in my heart."






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