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WISDOM OF THE WOMB series of 5Rhythms ® workshops for women

20th Sept 2015 - Tribal Heart


Movingeast, St Matthias Church Hall, Wordsworth Road, London, Unite. N16 8DD
BELONGING – for all of our different relations

~ Where do you come from?
~ What’s behind you, who is beside you and who is in front of you?
~ What are your surroundings like, how are you weaving in the threads of interconnectedness?
~Where do you belong to, now?

Whether we are aware of it or not, our lives are placed in a web of connections physically and metaphorically defining our being . Starting from the people we have chosen (or not) to share the house with, the postman, the lady in the shop on the corner, the banker on the stock market (yap) , the people close to our hearts; through the actual places we choose to live: the countryside, neighborhood, city, and, last but not least, our personal history - all those victories and loses, broken hearts and love, including the ancestral line.

On the 20th of September, WISDOM OF THE WOMB 5Rhythms® workshop for women we will be tuning into the interconnectedness we are embedded in, exploring the possibility of movement in the bigger web of dancing threads of our relations.

How connected are you to your womb? Do you live and dance with an awareness of its intelligence?

The series of one day 5Rhythms® workshops for women that stand as a separate or continues journey

The womb is the seat of power in a woman's body, the gateway to her own deep knowing...

These one day workshops are an invitation to come home to your body. To find self-love and ease in your body. From this place, the powerful flow of our life awakens. Together we will dance, using the map of the 5Rhythms® (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness) to ground ourselves in our bodies and to connect with our wombs. We will use this knowledge to heal and experience a new feeling of power and possibility.

You are welcome to join all of the workshops and treat it as an ongoing group or you may choose to join a single workshop or select various workshops.

Here is link to Testimonials from a previous workshop that was held on 8th March

Assisted by
- a Teacher Katya Verbrugghe from Belgium (all workshops)


- Chosen three workshops: £165 / Early bird offer: £145
- Chosen two workshops: £125 / Early bird offer: £115
- One off workshop £65

Booking made by sending non-refundable deposit of £65
(£50 for a one off workshop booking).

To avail of the early bird offer, the full payment must be made by Jan 31st 2015.


Contact Kat
Mobile: 07886935716
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