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- a waves & Heartbeat level 5Rhythms®

retreat in Greece

2st to 7th September 2017


- What do you open to and what do you close to?
- How is it possible to open the heart in the midst of conflict and to hear the other’s plea for something greater than the righteous stand-off we are so often drawn into?
- How is it possible to open the heart when the other is in a place of fearful defense and feel their delicate need to be acknowledged with care?

Each day, there are many opportunities to open up or shut down... Each response of your body and heart to these moments is an act of reconnection with something bigger, a creative dance of the universal wisdom of human feelings. How much are you ready to open up and let the feelings flow without over thinking, favoring and fantasizing about them?

During six days of retreat on the beautiful, rejuvenating island of IKARIA we will use the map of5Rhythms® to sink deeper into the rhythms of our body and heart. We will spend a day and a half grounding ourselves at Waves level, as preparation to explore the five essential feelings in Heartbeat practice on Sunday. We will be opening up the gateways of the body parts, an entry point into each of the Rhythms (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness); we will be inviting an awareness of our sensations, our body temperature, weight, and pulsing of our body. When we become embodied in this way we will be in position to draw from the intuition, power, and insights that the body has to offer and to open up to the primal wisdom of the five Emotions: the Fear that protects us, the Anger that defends us, the Sadness that releases us, the Joy that uplifts us and the Compassion that unites us. On the last day, we will learn how to trust the flow and the beat of our hearts.

This Workshop is open to everyone, though we strongly recommend that you attend at least one weekly class beforehand.
This workshop counts towards future 5Rhythms® Teacher Training as 1 day of Heartbeat level and one day and half of Waves level teaching.

There will be plenty of free time to enjoy the wonderful holistic beach resort. You can arrive early and stay longer, we recommend spending a few days in this Blue Zone, exceptional Island, you won't regret it!

Prerequisites: 2 hours of waves level 5Rhythms® class

Assisting team: Elizabeth Dunn

 (5 night, 6 day workshop)

Where: The Egg centre

Prerequisites: 6 hours of waves level 5Rhythms® class


Contact Name: Tara

+30 697 044 1449 (whatsapp available)





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